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User: Will,   Sex: Male,   Location: Calgary, Canada
Review: I give it 4 stars/8out of 10, as have actually met women from LL that I am still friends with, and hopefully I may get more out of.

LL seems to be the best of the bad lot of these sites, I have even had 2 1/2 successes with the intimates section.

I would give LL 5 stars but it isnt perfect.

I have also met some crazy girls, one in the intimate section after meeting, saying I wasnt for her as I was 'too affectionate'.
WTF? (and women complain about men not being affectionate enough! I give up!) and also wasted credits smiling at girls with no photo, only to find out that some of them are hideous.

Im sure the women get hideous men too, so alls fair in love and war.

The upsides to LL are: LL seems to kill fake profiles quickly -you know, the IMPOSSIBLY HOT girls smiling at you, who are typically 18/19 who has been on it one day, you learn to wait a few days to smile back, and LL deletes them.

I find that usually, impossibly HOT girls dont need to be on LL in the intimates section, they can get some anytime they like offline.

No recurring fees, just credits (in Canada anyway) custom filtration is quite handy, quick searches are a good idea.

Downsides are: one cant hide profiles one has already decided isnt for you, no way to filter out women one has already smiled at, forcing one to wade through scores of pics.

Doesnt keep track of total smiles sent to received ratio, the LL 'party'isnt geo based, so ergo pointless, poor profile weeding out in 'intimate' sections, such as girls posting profiles that state "I dont want sex/nsa" etc (so why the HELL are they on intimates for???!)

Other than that, the usual ups and downs apply to the site. Girls being optimistic about their weight, putting 'few extra pounds' or 'average' when they are clearly VERY overweight, forcing one to untick the FEW (and I stress FEW) extra pounds box. To be fair, alot of men tick 'muscular' or 'athletic' when they have visible beer guts, so it does cut both ways.

From personal experience, I have found with LL and all others that one has a high failure rate of smiles, flirts or what have you.

With LL, I must have smiled at every half decent girl 18-30 within a 200 mile radius over the last year or so, Im guessing it must be at least 300 smiles I have sent out, for a return of about hmmmm 20?

I have learned, that to have even a small degree of success, one has to almost 'smile spam' a site in huge numbers, just to harvest a few back.

I am currently figuring out how to write an automated script to send smiles in the hundreds, as otherwise one has to spend HOURS in front of the PC to do this. ( I will probably get flak for this...)

In essence, Im just about done with LL. I have pretty much exhausted the site, and to send out another 300 or so smiles to get 20 back is too much like hard work.

Everone knows that with dating sites, if you are a half decently attractive and nice intelligent girl, you get huge numbers of smiles/flirts/IMs from men, and that women dont really 'need' to activley participate, it all comes to them.

Its highly likely that LL and others have a 100 males to 10 females ratio too, further diluting the pool.

I think im going to go back to hitting the bars. Least I can talk to real people and not sit in front of the PC to send out smile after smile for little return!!!
User: james,   Sex: Male,   Location: california
Review: I found Lava Life to be very poor at meeting anyone local.

There seems to be a lot of women from Canada and Australia (of all places)...and when they find out that you are an American (god forbid) you are deluged by anti american snipes chideing you to get off the site.

I totaly agree with the last reviewer that "most" of the woman on this site can not tell what a few extra pounds mean.

Not a site that I would recommend at all especially if you happen to be an american.

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